Pronounced FUR-di-nand
Number 3

About the name Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a boy's name of Germanic origin derived from the words farð for "journey" or "travel" or possibly from frith for "protection" or frið for "peace" and the word nanth for "courage" or nand for "ready, prepared" so the meaning of Ferdinand is either "bold traveler", "bold protector", "ready for peace" or "ready for travel".

Although this name has a proud Heathen heritage, it was also worn by a number of Catholic monarchs including the King Ferdinand who was married to the Queen Isabella of Spanish Inquisition fame, and so it is with a bit of caution that it is listed here.

Related Names

Variants: Fernando, Fernand, Fernandel, Ferrand, Nándor, Hernando, Hernán, Ferdinath, Fernão
And for girls: Fernanda, Ferrandel, Ferdinanda, Fernande


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