Pronounced gah LIN thee us
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About the name Galinthias

In Greek myth, Galinthias was either the friend, servant or midwife of Alcmene, mother of Heracles. She foiled Eileithyia & Hera's plot to delay the birth by tricking Eileithyia by announcing that the boy had already been born. She was transformed into a pole cat (a type of weasel) as a punishment and Hecate still keeps her as a familiar pet and companion to this day.

I am having trouble with the etymology of this. I see thia = maybe "god/dess" OR anthos= "flower" perhaps and gala (maybe?) = "milk". Something like milky/white flower.

Although this name is worn by a woman in the myth, it can also be used for a boy.

Related Names

Galintha, Galinthia, Galinthis, Galinthas, Galanthus, Galanthis


myth, flower, animals

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