Pronounced jih ZELL
Number 6

About the name Giselle

The name Giselle is the English variant of the French name Gisèle from the Germanic gisil meaning "hostage" or "pledge". There was once the custom of leaving a valued person, such as a child, in the care of a foreign court or uncomfortable ally as a pledge of good faith. The male variant is Ghislain

There is a ballet by Adolphe Adam called Giselle. A peasant girl is courted by a nobleman and falls in love but eventually it is revealed that he is to marry a high born woman. She dies of a broken heart, but forgives him and her spirit watches over him and protects him.

Related Names

Gisselle, Gisila, Gisela, Gisa, Gisela, Gizella, Gizi, Gisella, Gisela, Gisela, Jiselle


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