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About the name Hesperia

Hesperia is a girl's name referring to the evening and meaning something like "land of the West". It is derived from the Greek Hesperides, daughters of Hesperus: the nymphs who resided far to the West where the sun set. It is also given occasionally as the name of one of the Hesperides. They tended a mystical garden and guarded Hera's orchard with the help of the dragon Ladon.

Related Names

Hespera, Hesperus, Vesper, Hester

Depending on the writer/artist, there are 3, 4 or 7 Hesperides and their names are variously given. Some are: Aegle, Erytheia, Erytheis, Hesperethusa, Arethusa, Medusa, Aerica, Asterope, Chrysothemis, Hygieia, Lipara, Aiopis, Antheia, Donakis, Kalypso, Mermesa, Nelisa, Tara, Hestia


nature, celestial bodies, myth

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