Pronounced joon ih pur
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About the name Juniper

A Juniper is an evergreen tree or shrub. There are several species of juniper, some are quite toxic, but many are used for medicinal, spiritual and/or culinary purposes. Juniper berries are sometimes used in mojo hands to draw luck and virility. Eastern RedCedar (Juniperus virginiana) has insect repellant properties and is burned for ceremonial purposes. Frau Wachholder is the Germanic spirit of the Juniper tree and is called upon to reveal thieves and recover stolen goods.

The word Juniper comes from the Latin junio meaning "young" or "youth" and parere "to make" or "to produce", thus "to make young" or something along those lines.

Related Names

Ginepro, Jenever, Ginevra, Geneva



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