Pronounced suh BEE nuh
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The name Sabina references the Sabine Women. When Romulus first founded Rome along with his mostly male followers, he found the city lacking women and thus a future. Their neighbors would not allow their daughters to marry into Rome, so Romulus planned a great feast for Neptune Equestor (horse racing) and invited the neighbors, the Sabines. At a signal, the Romans fell into combat with the Sabine men and spirited the Sabine women away, later forcing them to accept Roman husbands. Historians disagree about how reluctant the women were, Livy claims that the women were offered more rights by the Romans than the Sabines offered them, thus convincing them to join Rome and marry Roman husbands willingly. Later, according to Livy, when the Sabines attacked to reclaim and avenge their women, the women intervened and sued for peace between them.

Also related, the toxic shrub Juniperus sabina, the Savin Juniper.

Related Names

Sabine, Savin, Bina, Byna, Sabinna, Sabiny, Sabyna, Sahbina, Savina, Savine, Sebina, Sebinah


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