Pronounced VIV ee uhn or VIV yen
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About the name Vivienne

Vivienne is from the Latin meaning "lively", "life" or "alive". The name is featured in some versions of the Arthurian legends as the name of the Lady of the Lake, as is the case in The Mists of Avalon and Idylls of the King

Other names given for the Lady of the Lake include Elaine, Evienne, Ninianne, Niniane, Morgan, Morgaine, Niamh, Nimue, Nivian, or Nyneve

Related Names

Vivian, Vivianos, Viviana, Viva, Vivi, Vivyan, Vyvyan, Viviane, Vivien, Vivianna, Vivianne, Viviette, Vivyen



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