Pronounced yeh mi YAH
Number 7

About the name Yemayá

Yemayá is the Spanish name for Yemoja, a Mother Goddess, an Orisha, from Yoruba mythology honored in West Africa and in many New World syncretic religions, including Santeria. She is a patron Goddess of women, especially pregnant women, honored near the ocean and water ways. She represents something like the primordial seas from which all life flows. Her name may mean "Mother whose children are like fish".

She is known by the epithets Mãe da Água, Madre del Agua, La Sirène and Mami Wata

Related Names

Yemanjá, Iemanjá, Janaína, Iemanyá, Iemanjá, Yemallá, Llemanjá, Iemanja


myth, divine, the sea

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