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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 1

Callisto, kuh LIS toe, Female

Lumi, loo mee, Neutral

Eirwen, AYR wen, Female

Gweneira, gwen AYE rah or gwen EE rah, Female

Sabina, suh BEE nuh, Female

Sylvester, sill VEST ur, Male

Aibhilin, AYV leen, Female

Erma, UR mah, Female

Aurelia, Or EE lee uh or or EE lya, Female

Aurea, or EE ya or oar AY uh, Female

Anura, ah NYUR ah, Neutral

Tyra, TEER ah, Female

Electra, ee LEK tra, Female

Emily, em u lee, Female

Aveline, av uh LEEN, Female

Dove, duv, Neutral

Donal, DON al, Male

Dolph, dolph, Male

Daire, die reh, Neutral

Cleopatra, klee oh PA trah, Female

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