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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 1

Stratus, STRA tuhs, Neutral

Starling, STAR ling, Neutral

Aileen, ay LEEN, Female

Varick, VAH rick, Male

Vasilis, vah SEE lee, Male

Lucinda, loo SIN dah, Female

Alfred, AL fred, Male

Aeschere, ash hair uh, Neutral

Vaughn, VAWN, Male

Waldo, wall do, Male

Vivienne, VIV ee uhn or VIV yen, Female

Tanit, TAN it, Female

Sorcha, SURRA kha, SOR ka, SIR ka, Female

Ward, ward, Male

Xochitl, ZOH cheel, Neutral

Zena, ZEE nah, Female

Zenovi, zeh NO vee, Neutral

Zoe, ZOE ee, Female

Sky, sky, Neutral

Zinnia, ZIN ee uh, Female