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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 1

Sefarina, sef a REEN uh, Female

Salvia, SAL vee uh, Female

Rogan, RO gin, Male

Randi, RAND ee, Female

Rand, rand, Male

Ralph, ralf, Male

Raghnall, RAN al, Male

Piper, PIPE ur, Female

Phoenix, FEE nix, Neutral

Phillip, FIL ip, Male

Orla, OR lah, Neutral

Obsidian, ob SID ee un, Neutral

Nestor, NESS tor, Male

Mavis, MAY vis, Female

Marin, MAYR en, Neutral

Mahina, ma HEE na, Female

Levana, le-VAHN-ah, Female

Letha, LEE thah, Female

Leon, LEE-ahn, Male

Leandra, lee AN dra, Female