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Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 2

Abequa, AH be KWAY, Female

Abeytu, ah BEY too, Neutral

Adaire, ah DAYR, Female

Adare, ah DAYR, Female

Adolph, ai DOLF, Male

Agammemnon, ag uh MEM non, Male

Agrona, ah GROWN uh, Female

Aideen, AY deen, Female

Ailana, ah ee LAH nah, Female

Aine, AWN ya, Female

Akiko, AH kee ko, Neutral

Alana, ah-LAH-nah, Female

Alecto, ah LEK toe, Female

Allegra, ah LEG rah, Female

Althea, al THEE uh, Female

Ammon, AM mon, Male

Andreas, ahn DRE ahs, Male

Andrew, AN droo, Male

April, AY pril, Female

Ardan, are dawn, Neutral

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