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Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 2

Argent, are jent, Neutral

Armina, ar MEEN ah, Female

Astraea, ass TRAY uh, Female

Aurora, o ROR a or aw ROR uh, Female

Belinda, be LIND a, Female

Bjørk, byerk, Female

Bridget, BRIH-jet, Female

Cabhan, kav an, Male

Caireann, CARE en, Female

Calhoun, CAL hoon, Male

Cathan, CA thin, Male

Celeborn, kel eh born, Male

Chronos, KRON oss, Male

Circe, SEER see or SUR see, though more properly KIR kee, Female

Clytemnestra, klye tem NESS tra, Female

Clytie, kly TEE uh or kly TEE, Female

Conan, KOH nan, Male

Craig, krayg, Male

Daina, DIE nuh, Female

Denise, de NEES, Female