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Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 2

Dennis, den niss, Male

Devana, deh VAWN uh, Female

Diana, dy AN ah, Female

Dylan, DIL in, Neutral

Eavan, EE van, Female

Eilidh, AY-lee, Female

Eldhrimnir, , Neutral

Estrella, es TRE yah, Female

Euphrosyne, yoo FRO see nee, Female

Evelyn, EH veh lin, EE veh lin or EV lin, Neutral

Forest, FORE est, Male

Galatea, gal ah TEE uh, Female

Garnet, gar nit, Neutral

Glen, glen, Male

Gogol, goh gul or gaw gul, Male

Gwylfai, GWYL vy, Female

Harmke, harm kee, Female

Hart, hart, Male

Heather, HETH ur, Female

Hebe, HEE bee, Female