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Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 2

Neith, nayth, Female

Nevada, neh VAH dah, Neutral

Orestes, OWR est eez, Male

Orin, OR in, Male

Orlaith, or la, Female

Rhianna, ree AN ah, Female

Rock, roc, Male

Romulus, ROM yoo lus, Male

Ryland, RYE lan, Neutral

Salina, sah LEEN uh, Female

Sapphire, SAFF-ire, Female

Sashi, sha shee, Neutral

Savin, SA vin, Neutral

Seda, SYEH dah, Female

Selena, se LEEN ah, Female

Shyla, SHY lah, Female

Skald, skald, Male

Spring, spring, Female

Stormy, STORM ee, Neutral

Thorold, THOR old, Male