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Names by Number

Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 3

Alessia, ah LESS ee uh or ah LESS shuh, Female

Alexander, al eks AN der, Male

Alfajiri, al fah JEE ree, Male

Algar, AL gar, Male

Alice, al iss, Female

Amaro, ah MAR oh, Male

Amber, AM ber, Female

Amethyst, am ah THIST, Female

Amy, ai mee, Female

Apophis, ah POE fiss, Male

Beagan, BE gan, Neutral

Briar, BRY ur, Neutral

Candice, KAN dis, Female

Castalia, KASS tal ya, Female

Charles, Sharlz or CHAR ulz, Male

Charlotte, SHAR lot, Female

Chogan, CHO gan, Male

Clio, kly o, Female

Conall, kon ahl, Male

Cymbaline, CIM be leen, Neutral