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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 5

Luz, looz, Female

Abaris, ah BAR is, Male

Aurelias, aw REEL ee uss, Male

Aura, or uh, Female

Turlough, tur la, Male

Torolf, TAOR-olf, Male

Tiger, TY gur, Male

Emer, EE mer, Female

Elrond, , Male

Eileen, eye-LEEN, Female

Draco, DRAY koe, Male

Donald, DON ald, Male

Charon, KARE on, Male

CĂ©ilidh, KAY lee, Female

Caroline, KARE o lin or KARE o line, Female

Carnelian, kar NEEL yan, Neutral

Carla, KARL ah, Female

Bryn, brin, Neutral

Brianna, bree ANN ah or bree AH nah, Female

Brennan, BREN nun, Male

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