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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 5

Haunani, how NA nee, Neutral

Sabine, sāˌbīn, Neutral

Luz, looz, Female

Abaris, ah BAR is, Male

Aurelias, aw REEL ee uss, Male

Aura, or uh, Female

Turlough, tur la, Male

Torolf, TAOR-olf, Male

Tiger, TY gur, Male

Emer, EE mer, Female

Elrond, , Male

Eileen, eye-LEEN, Female

Draco, DRAY koe, Male

Donald, DON ald, Male

Charon, KARE on, Male

Céilidh, KAY lee, Female

Caroline, KARE o lin or KARE o line, Female

Carnelian, kar NEEL yan, Neutral

Carla, KARL ah, Female

Bryn, brin, Neutral

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