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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 5

Sophia, sow FEE uh, Female

Walden, WAL den, Male

Xantha, XAN thah, Female

Yvonne, ee VAWN, Neutral

Zea, ZEE ah, Female

Zivena, zih VEE neh, Female

Zoilo, zo low, Male

Sirius, SEER-ee-…ôs, Male

Shiva, SHEE vah, Male

Sage, saij, Neutral

Rosana, roz AN ah, Female

Phoebus, FEE bus, Male

Petunia, peh TOON yuh, Female

Palaemon, puh LEE mun, Male

Ovid, OH vid, Male

Opalina, o pal LEEN uh, Neutral

Olivia, oh LIV ya, Female

Nestis, NAIS tiss, Neutral

Muireann, MUR in, Female

Morrigan, MOOR ee an, Female