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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 5

Morpheus, MOOR fee us, Male

Liadán, LEE dan, Female

Leticia, Luh TISH uh, Female

Lethe, LEE thee, Female

Leo, LEE-oh, Male

Leander, lee AN der, Male

Lavinia, la VIN ya OR la vin NEE ah, Female

Kenneth, KEN neth, Male

Jason, JAY sun, Male

Isfet, ISS fet, Male

Iseult, ee SOLT, Female

Invidia, in VID dee yuh, Female

Homer, HOME ur, Male

Hermes, HUR meez, Male

Herman, HUR min, Male

Hemera, HEM era, Female

Harden, har den, Neutral

Fionnlagh, FINN lee, Male

Edda, ED uh, Female

Artemisia, ahr teh MEE see ah or ahr teh MEE zhya, Female