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Names by Number


An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 5

Artemisa, ar tem EE sah, Female

Davin, DAV in, Male

Balendu, bah LEHN doo, Male

Aeronwen, eye RON win or AYE ron win, Female

Aemilia, ay MILL ee ah, Neutral

Adraste, ah DRAS te, Female

Adelmoed, AH dehl mooht, Female

Adeline, a-də-LEEN or a-də-LIN, Female

Adelaide, AD-a-layd, Female

Açaí, Ah sah ee, Neutral

Hera, EE ra, Female

Abena, ah BEE nah or AHB nah, Female

Slade, slayd, Male

Abedabun, ah BEY dah bahn, Female

Abasi, ah BAH see, Male

Achaea, uh KI ah, Neutral

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