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Names by Number

Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 6

Armand, are MAHN, Male

Aurion, aw REE on, Neutral

Ava, AYV ah, Female

Avis, AY vis, Female

Bjarki, BYARK ee, Male

Blade, blayd, Neutral

Blaine, blayn, Neutral

Blair, blayr, Neutral

Cameron, KAM run, Neutral

Camilla, kah MIL ah, Female

Cedonia, say DOE nee ah, Female

Celeste, seh LEST, Female

Corina, kor REE nah, Female

Corinne, kor INN, Female

Daira, da IR uh, Female

Damian, DAY mee un, Male

Danaus, DAN ee us, Male

Daren, DAYR en, Male

Dawn, dawn, Female

Dion, DEE on, Neutral