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Names by Number

Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 6

Narcissus, nar SIS us, Male

Neala, Nee lah, Female

Odin, OH din, Male

Onyx, AHN iks, Neutral

Oonagh, ou na, Female

Phoebe, FEE bee, Female

Puck, puk, Male

Quince, kwins, Neutral

Rain, rayn, Female

Raleigh, RAH lee, Neutral

Raven, RAY vin, Neutral

Robert, RAH bert, Male

Rolf, rolf, Male

Rosemary, RHOZ mare ee, Female

Selene, se LEE nee or se LEEN, Female

Sorrel, SOR el, Neutral

Suzume, SOO zoo meh, Female

Topaz, TOE paz, Neutral

Troy, troi, Male

Tyrô, TAY row, TIE row, Neutral