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Names by Number

Using Numerology to Choose a Name

An Alphabetical Lists of Names That Correspond the the Number 9

Evony, eh von ee, Female

Fabrizia, feh BRAY zya, Female

Fannar, fuh nar, Neutral

Faron, FAYR in, Male

Fiona, fee OWN uh, Female

Gaia, GUY ah, Female

Geneva, jen EE vah, Female

Genevra, jen EEV ra, Female

Gustav, GOO stahf, Male

Hermia, HER mee uh, Female

Hermine, her MEEN, Female

Hespera, HES per ah, Female

Hesperia, , Female

Hester, HES ter, Female

Holly, HAHL ee, Female

Horus, HOR us, Male

Ifetayo, ee feh TAH yo, Female

Inali, EE nahl ee, Neutral

Iollan, ul lan, Male

Isidoros, ee see DOR os, Male