Names for Warriors

Whether your naming the son or daughter of a soldier, a baby born in the midst of crisis, a feisty critter or the tank in your WOW party, you will surely find the perfect name for your new warrior here.

Adair -Adaire is a name of Old German origin meaning "wealthy spear".
Adare or Adair is Irish from Áth Dara, meaning "the ford of the oak"
It is the name of an historic village in Ireland that is a popular tourist destination.

Adaire -Adaire is a name of Old German origin meaning "wealthy spear".

Aerona -A variant of Aeron, a Welsh War deity whose name was derived from the British Goddess of Slaughter Agrona. It means "battle ending".

Aeronwen -Aeronwen is a Welsh girl's name that may have derived from the Goddess of War Aeron in which case we may surmise the meaning to be something like "blessed battle ender" or simply "blessed of Aeron or Agrona". Alternatively, the name may be derived from the Welsh words meaning "fair/white" or "blessed" and "berry".

Alessia -Alessia is a girl's name of Latin/Italian origin meaning "defender" or "helper".

Alexander -A name of Greek origin which means "defending men" or "warrior of man".

Alexis -Alexis is a name derived from the Greek alexo meaning "to help" or "to defend".

Alfdis -Álfdís is a Norse name meaning "immortal woman". The world alfr means "elf". The ending -dis means "goddess or female guardian spirit"

Alfhild -The name Alfhild is old Norse for "Elf battle". In Norse legend, this name was worn by a maiden who disguised herself as a soldier to escape an unwanted marriage arrangement.

Alistair -Alistair is a Scottish variant of the name Alexander and carries its same meaning "Defender of man/men"

Alvilda -The name Avilda is from Germanic origin. I have seen the meaning "untamed" given for this name, but I feel it's descended from the name Alfhild, from "elf" and "battle".

Andrew -Andrew is a name of Greek origin meaning "man, warrior".

Ares -Ares is the Greek God of violent war. The name means "battle strife".

Armina -Armina is the feminine form of Armand or Herman and it means "army woman" or "soldier". This name is of old French origin.

Berengar -Berengar is a boy's name of Germanic origin meaning "bear and spear".

Berengaria -Berengaria is a Latinized feminine version of the Germanic name Berengar meaning "bear spear". One famous Berengaria in history was the wife of Richard the Lion Heart.

Bryndis -Bryndís is an Icelandic name from old norse brynja referring to a corselet or mail coat or armor. dís refers to a goddess or female guardian spirit.

Candika -Candika is a Sanskrit name meaning "Fierce Goddess". It is a name for the Goddess Durga

Cathan -Cathán is Gaelic name that can be used for a boy or a girl. It contains the element cath referring to battle. The name meaning is something like "little battler".
It is also the name of a 6th century Irish monk who became a Saint and had some churches dedicated to him in Scotland.

Chandi -Chandi is from Sanskrit meaning "the fierce Goddess". A name for the Goddess Durga
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