Wiccan Names

Who can deny the power of the personal name. We are all constantly referred to by the name chosen for us but can all Williams or Will Helms (Helmet of resolution) have the same qualities? Are all men called Charles the embodiment of manliness?

Wiccan or Magickal names are used by those who practice wicca to express who they really are, a sacred name usually known only to themselves and their coven or between themselves and their personal deity. What's more we brought our wiccan names with us at birth, we already know what it is, we may just need guidance to rediscover it.

Older and more "primitive " societies seemed to have known this as the name given to a child was rarely carried on into adulthood once their personal properties became known to others. It is unlikely that the Crow warrior" White Man Runs Him", one of Custer's scouts at the Little Big Horn, would have had this name from birth.

There are many ways in which our wiccan names can be revealed to us. The first step to discovery is to simply make the decision to do so. Make a conscious effort to clear your mind of everyday thoughts and concentrate on yourself. If you can physically go somewhere like a wood, a hill or a beach this, as we all know, can be of great help. If this is not possible nighttime can be a great time for reflective thought. Many people find meditation a great help in their search to rediscover their wiccan names whilst practicing witches will already have the benefit of the use of ritual and spells to aid them in their quest. Remember your name will be something sacred to you, something that will clearly represent all your true qualities, your true inner self.

Make a note of all the things that catch your attention, your fetch, your spirit guide, has always been with you and will want to help you to find it. Often your fetch can influence your dreams, so always keep a notepad by the bed to record your dreams as soon as you awake. Remember wiccan names can be of anything that will represent your true self, a type of plant, an element- wind, sun, rain etc, an animal- wolf , eagle, cat, a personal aptitude or skill such as dancing, singing, or gardening can reflect your relationship with a personal deity. Gradually this period of self reflection will reveal your true name.

Ask your closest friends or members of your coven their views on the wiccan names you choose, they will often see your strengths and weaknesses more clearly and perhaps more honestly than you do. Many people have two wiccan names, one for use within their coven and amongst close friends and one which is used solely between the witch and their personal deity.

Keeping the knowledge of your rediscovered name within your coven or immediate friends will concentrate the effect of the magick and increase its power.

The rediscovery of your wiccan names will reinvigorate your life. You will have a name that truly represents your spiritual self and which will work in harmony with your fetch. It will constantly remind you to be true to your real self and to discard the armor in which many of us feel the need to clothe ourselves in everyday life. Using your wiccan names will enable you to become closer to both your wicca circle and your chosen deity and will be a source of unique strength throughout your life.

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